TEACHING for community growth

One of the greatest joys of my culinary career is to share knowledge and passion through teaching at events and through online media.


Danone North America YouTube

Working with Danone North America, I design health-forward recipes and bring them to life on the screen through instructional and tasty-style videos.


NYC and LA Coffee Festival

Taught unconventional latte formats and dairy-free latte art at Barista Trend Master Classes and Latte Art Live to both industry experts and the general public in New York City, NY and Los Angeles, CA.


2018 NRA Foodamentals Studio

With an audience of 100+ food industry experts, I created and executed an educational curriculum that demonstrated ways to creatively plate kids menu items and facilitated a rapid prototyping session.


Custom culinary tasty-style

I demonstrated relevant culinary trends on-screen utilizing Custom Culinary’s premium food service products.


premier culinary clinics

As a chef instructor, I taught culinary techniques and insights-based health trends to the non-commercial food service sector, including healthcare and education professionals.