Let life be delicious in every way.

My culinary skills are driven by a love for food and a lust for food knowledge, along with the guidance of some amazing mentors and colleagues in the industry. Culinary adventures have whisked me away to cook at corporate and leadership meetings all over the Earth, including the NFL Superbowl, Davos World Economic Forum, and the Aspen Ideas Festival. I also feed my culinary mojo through my food blog adeliciousadventure.com, experimenting in my own kitchen and collaborating with local food & beverage aficionados.

All of the creations on this website are originals through personal kitchen time and professional jobs.

From new product development and upfront creative innovation to private chef work, I'd love to work with you! For more information or to inquire about potential collaboration, please e-mail me at:

rosalynsdarling (at) gmail (dot) com


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You can also find me on AngelList: https://angel.co/rosalyn-darling